Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2020, Jan 01    

Happy New Year!

Like many of us, I too try to come up with new years resolutions that I will most likely end up giving up on in the first quarter of the new year. But I’m still going to go through the motions and say I’m going to commit to this. I’ve had this empty blog with this new layout going for months but always got distracted and never finished. But today I’m finally pushing that last commit and getting this all running.

I’ve been spending a lot of the year working on building some experience in Unity, mostly with projects I end up scrapping and starting over on and want to start documenting those lessons learned. I’ve found that I’ve been starting too big like many developers do and have realized that taking a step back and starting with smaller projects will probably produce more satisfying results.

Hopefully, this will be something that benefits me in the future to provide some kind of portfolio of my work and in turn also help others who are interested in learning.

This is 2020!